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New World Order Speech by President Obama


Viral video of President Obama talking about a New World Order. Determination: Hoax

This video has already been debunked by all the fact checkers on the Internet as a digital manipulation from video taken out of context. The original video was from a speech delivered by President Obama in Belgium on March 26, 2014, according to the Obama White House Archives.

There are several videos on the Internet that misrepresent President Obama in this manner from a speeches or interviews. The hoaxers edit the footage together to make it appear is something completely different from the original content. This video is a good example of that. 

The real question is who is behind these videos?  The Crew believes that there could be two possible answers.

It could be critics of the president who would go to any lengths to make him appear more liberal than he is, leaning towards a more socialist agenda.

Another source for these viral videos could be supporters of the president who release these videos into the Web hoping that critics, Tea Party members and Republicans will bite the hook and forward it to all their contacts. Once these videos are discredited it makes the senders look foolish.

A good example of that was the conspiracy theories about Kenyan birth certificate, which surfaced in 2009.  Dr. Orly Taitz released images of the document and filed lawsuits questioning the citizenship of Barack Obama. This according to a August 2, 2009 article by World Net Daily.  On June 13, 2011, World Net Daily released and article that the document was a forgery made by supporter of Barack Obama.


Update: 03/30/2021 YouTube removed the video, possibly because it was a violation against their policies.

The crew was able to find the digitally manipulated video and saved a copy on our server:


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Posted 10/24/14    Updated 03/30/2021

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